Friday, 21 August 2009

1 Man 1Cup

I open what will be a regular commentary on filth, depravity and general nonsense - real and imagined, with a true gem of internet generated self-flagellation, well, of sorts, all will become viciously apparent soon; 1 man 1 cup.

For those faint of heart, those who do not want to dent their innocent mind and those who came onto here by accident, disappear right now! Well, look for my subsequent posts.

If you thought the infamous 2 girls 1 cup was an assault on the stability of your stomach and sanity, then you may be in for a heart attack inducing shock. I'll describe it for you, so you can tell your friends you've seen it:

1) Naked guy meets a jam jar anally - fairly bad considering the width. (The viewer is instantly alarmed by the scars on the participants leg and lower buttocks)

2) The jar smashes - when fully concealed. It could be a horrific and misguided accident caught on camera. Or it could have been planned, the jar smashed by a voluntary sphincter contraction. You work it out – filth seems to pay and this guy’s blog is ranked a rather high 185, 398, by internet ranking site,

3) Naked guy pulls glass out of his splintered arsehole

4) Lots of blood.

Now if you’re still curious check out the guy’s blog:

Be warned, this video will steal your soul. And quite possibly, the contents of your stomach. Don’t play it at work or anywhere stupid like on your mother-in-law’s laptop)

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