Friday, 21 August 2009

Strange Product Placement in Sainsbury's

Another dull visit to the local grocery baron, Sainsbury’s, on a friday afternoon. A horrible place akin to a UFO tractor beam sucking you in for exploitation and anal probing. And once you’re inside it's like a broken record, skipping to the same place and back.
Before you know you've bought the lot; taste the difference washing-up liquid, a magic toilet brush, Ready Brek and so on - you only went in for teabags.
So in short, a normal supermarket.
Not so, no not this one. This one comes with a subtle moral warning:
Whilst stuck in the track of slow moving trolleys, somewhere in the pharmacy aisle I decided to prove a point to my girlfriend;

"see, cock-rings are sold in supermarkets!"
Then I saw it: Calpol next to the condoms!
Now, that's what I call clever product placement. It's like a salesman selling you life insurance with your brand new AK47! If you don't buy condoms you're going to have kids. I'm sure this has helped Durex wriggle and writhe their way through the recession.

Sainsbury’s might have gone the whole hog by putting Nurofen, Earplugs and vodka in the same section.

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